Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 57 | The back pockets (1st comparison)

Here's the first set of comparisons I promised. The photos on the left-side are from 2 weeks of wear, and taken on day 14, whilst the photos on the right-side, were taken today, on day 57. So about a month and a half difference, and the jeans were worn every day.

Not a lot you can pick up from the photos, except for the creases which appear more permanent over the pockets and on the inner thigh. The raw denim itself, appears more smooth, or shiny if you will. Probably from sitting on it every day. Not sure if it's my eyes, or the photo, but the denim appears a bit less blue. I know that the original colour was Blue Black, but even now with the naked eye, the denim appears a bit "less" blue. It may be just that the denim appears more shiny from the wear. A comparison at the end of next month should reveal a lot more.

I've also noticed today that the seams on the inner, lower leg, have started to show wear from chafing against each other. Will take some photos of that for tomorrow.

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