Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 51 | It's cold already

One thing I'm trying to get used to here in Sweden, is the cold. I'm originally from South Africa, where we have a lot of sun. I find it strange, that you can have a perfectly sunny day here, no clouds in the sky, and no wind, yet it'll be 4°C or even colder, as it was three days ago. It's not even winter yet. I love autumn though, with its beautiful colours in the trees and on the ground.

I have decided to follow some of the advice I posted yesterday. From now on, I'm hanging my jeans up by the back belt loop. I've noticed that the seams on the sides are starting to get worn, from hanging them over my door, and pulling them down in the mornings. None of that any more. I have a clothes hook on the front of my clothing cupboard, so I'm just hooking them up on there. I still open them up to "breathe" and "dry out" though. I'll post a photograph tomorrow. I think it's better this way, then they're never folded flat, as they were over the door before.

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