Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 45 | A thousand words

As a design student my lecturer always drummed into my head, the age old saying of "A picture is worth a thousand words". "Stop thinking about the text, and think about a striking image instead."

It's with that thought, that I was browsing through the photos I have taken over the past 45 days, of the same pair of jeans. Same jeans, different angle. Same jeans, a little bit older. What more can be said? What more can be shown?

So I've chosen the photo above. What do you see? What do you think? It's the hem of a pair of pants, that much is certain. I can see it's pair of jeans. The denim seems very dark, very raw. The stitching is a darkish yellow. The hem seems a bit dirty. A bit scuffed. They're lying on the floor. There's a fold about an inch up from the hem. They must be too long for the wearer. What else? You could literally go on forever on what you can see, but also about what you can't see. Why are they on the floor? Why are they dirty? Why are the hem's scuffed?

It's all part of the test, seeing a pair of jeans, over a period of six months getting older, and older, before your eyes. Things you would never have seen, if it hadn't been recorded.

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