Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 398 | Comparisons 13 months on

The year has come and gone and the jeans have gone through a major metamorphasis. I decided to compare the photos from the first month, month seven and now, month thirteen.

I've recently been busy with my new project called 5o styles, hence the fact that I only publish here once a month now. As soon as I figure out how to make the sun stand still I'll publish more often. You can see a start to my 50 styles project here at The project is about Swedish street fashion, and I'm busy busy shooting photos on the streets of Stockholm and Gothenburg. Will publish more about the project when we finally launch. If you're a photographer living in Sweden, you're welcome to contact me to find out how to get involved. ( An interest in fashion is essential.

But back to the jeans. I spoke to a friend of a friend this morning, and I said to him that I would highly recommend the 6 month wear before wash with a pair of raw denims. Doesn't matter what brand, because in the end, the jeans will have your own marks and feel like yours and that's what it's all about. None of this buying a pair with the same cut, mark or fade as all the others.

The photos are in this order, 1st is the jeans today, then after 7 months and then after 1 month. Lots has changed. Next week I'll get back to the new pairs I bought, and see how they're coming along.