Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 40 | Haris Blue Black Raw front and back

So I'm forty days into this test and things are going well so far. I'm definitely learning a lot by writing about this. I know more about dry-cleaning than I did before, that's for sure.

We were invited for Sunday lunch by a Chinese friend of ours. She made some genuine Chinese food, along with some really good Green tea. It was real nice. She has a really cute cat, and was inspired by this blog to start one of her own, writing about the life and times of her cat. Not really my cup of tea, but then again who wants to read a blog, like this one, on a pair of jeans getting older and not being washed?

I realise today that I haven't shown a full frame photo of the jeans front and back, so I decided to take the opportunity of an empty room, because of the painting this week, to do just that. I liked what the denim looked like on the bare wooden floor, so I took quite a few photographs, which I'll show over the next couple of days. And like I said yesterday, I am still going to find out, how to get paint out of denim.

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  1. scarylion.roar02 October, 2010

    Paint doesn't come out of denim. EVER. I can type this because 1 of my pairs got this buttery yellow paint on them last year and it didn't come out when I washed them. Now it gives me something to pick at during math class.