Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 39 | A lot of dust

We had our bedroom and entrance foyer, in our apartment, painted this week. We moved all the furniture into the rest of the house, with our bed in the lounge.

The week of painting started with the ripping off, of all the old wallpaper. Because the building is so old, and the walls are made from wood, with a clay and reed covering, it made a lot of dust. It got in everywhere. Even past all the sheets we hung in the doorways. After ripping off the wallpaper, came the filling up of the old walls, a new covering over that and then the paint. Really a tough environment to keep the jeans clean in, especially because they're not getting washed in six months.

I got a lot of dust on them, which brushing seemed to get out. There's still some light spots on the denim now, but maybe it'll go away during the next week. Not permanent marks. And I am especially glad that I didn't get any paint on them. That would have forced me to get some water on them. Or what is best to get paint off denim? Perhaps letting the paint dry, then sort of scratching and brushing it off? I'll have to look into that.

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