Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 34 | More front pockets

My day started off really good. By really good, I mean I had coffee from the start. Usually an Americano from Condeco (Double espresso with extra boiling water). Condeco is not my favourite coffee place in Gothenburg, but it helps that they have a free Wi-Fi connection. It's good to get out a little bit in the mornings, especially if you work from home. Read the newspaper, check your emails, see some people and drink your coffee. The newspaper in my case is the Sesam, which is a Swedish newspaper written in really easy to understand Swedish. Every article has all the difficult words at the end of it, in a sort of dictionary, so you can learn as you read. Have a look at their website for more info.

Here's two more photos of the change pocket in the front, that I spoke about yesterday. As you might have noticed how the denim changes colour, dependant on where the photograph was taken. It's usually in our lounge, but sometimes you can't choose the lighting in a coffee shop, restaurant or street, and have to make do with what you have.


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  2. What I know is that if you take your jeans in to a place that specialises in Dry Cleaning, make sure they also know how to dry cleaning denim. Not everyone does.

    Ask around in your town. There's bound to be a place that can help out. Otherwise you're down to doing it yourself. Also check out online... and also

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  3. You couldn't be more out of date. In 2014 we washed a new pair of blue jeans 10 times and we dry cleaned an identical pair 10 times. Then we showed them on TV. The dry cleaned jeans looked as good as new and the washed pair looked old, faded and cheap. I agree you've got to spend several hundred dollars for jeans worth the cost of cleaning, then again dry cleaning actually increases the length of wear one gets out of a garment by removing soil and restoring natural oils.