Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 365 | One year

I can't believe a year has finally passed with my Dr.Denim jeans. Which is also another 6 months since they've been washed. I'm holding out for another 6 months with them, just to get some really proper wear out of them again. Perhaps I'll wash them on the same day next year, as I washed them this year, the 4th of March.

To celebrate my one year, I bought myself two more pairs of jeans from Dr.Denim, and it has to be said, at a reduced price thanks to Alexander at Dr.Denim. One pair is the new Ormonds raw, which is according to Alexander a rework on the current Terence model. The other is a of course a pair of Terence raw.

The Ormonds is very skinny and already fits me so so well. I folded it up a little at the bottom already and sits really well. I think even a bit better than my pair of Harris's did on the very first day. The denim is a bit thinner or "lighter" in weight, which is probably why they sit so well.

The Terence pair is my favourite so far. The denim is a very heavy weave, and the jeans sit a little lower on the hips, yet a not so skinny model. I folded up the hems much more on the bottom already as they were much longer. They feel really great on already, but because of the thick weave, it's taking some time to bend my knees and hips.

Both pairs will be worn for a year, and washed for the first time on the 4th of September 2010. I do however keep on asking myself why I alwasy start these things in the rainy season when winter is on its way, cause the goal is not to get these jeans wet, otherwise they'll shrink. If anyone's wondering why I haven't been so active on this site, it's because I have another hobby which I'm working on at the moment. It's called and is a photo essay of Swedish street fashion. We're busy building the site at the moment, and will launch at the end of autumn, with an eye to build an audience for the spring 2010.