Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 31 | Back pockets

I want to look a bit at the pockets. Today we'll do the back pockets. Nothing really fancy here. I mean you know what some companies do to the back pockets.

Have a look at Victoria Beckam's back pockets. Not that I want to bring that style of jeans into this blog, but as an example of how far some companies go with the back pockets. I have a pair of Evisu jeans, and they have the big M on both pockets in baby blue. I prefer nothing on the pockets, with maybe a little bit of stylish stitching, but not too much.

Back pockets for me are very important. Let me tell you why. It's because of where they sit. On your bum. If the pockets are too small it can make your bum look too big, and that's why you should take care, when you buy your next pair of jeans. Not that we should be so conscious about our looks. I do however like the pockets on these jeans, because there's no big crown on them that will make everyone look at your bum.

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