Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 54 | The band plays on

As I said yesterday, we went to a place in Gothenburg, called Kontiki, to go and watch a friend of ours perform with his band "The Flamingo Stingers". They have five tracks on MySpace, if you're interested to listen to them play. They consist of a trombonist, saxophonist, electric guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer. It was just the right kind of music to get everyone on the floor dancing.

I was a little concerned though this morning when I finally got up from the long night out and the buckets of rain that poured down, when I looked at my once white shoes. My jeans were so wet from walking in the rain, that the blue ink was all over my shoes. I posted a comment about it on day 14 when the same thing happened, from the rain. They needed a good cleaning afterwards. I just wonder how much the denim is shrinking already from getting so wet?

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