Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 41 | Inside out

I didn't know this at first, but apparently a lot can be learnt from a pair of jeans by looking at them inside out. The weave, the seams, the colour, the wash and all of that. I had a look, and to me they look just the same as any other pair of jeans, with the exception, that it does look a bit raw still. Be that as it may, here's some photos.

I had a look around, to finally find out how to get paint off denim. Most advice do agree on one point, wait for the paint to dry, before attempting anything. Advice included using alcohol to thin the paint, then water to get the alcohol off. Perhaps carefully using a cutting blade to cut it off. Maybe scraping it off with a scraper. Why not use paint remover. Others say just live with it. One person said that if it's oil paint, buy a new pair of jeans. All things that I don't want to do to my jeans.
One person said that if it's latex paint, then make a paste out of oxiclean and water and apply to the paint and let it set for 1 to 2 hours then wash as usual. That is of course helpful if you have washed the jeans before, and not a person who prefers to dry-clean their jeans. Then again, dry-cleaning is also an option. Professionals probably know more about these kinds of mishaps than we do.

Personally I will go by the age old saying, prevention, is better than cure. Try not to get paint on your jeans in the first place.

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