Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 33 | Front pockets and wallets

As I said yesterday, I have a front pocket wallet. I'm not a believer in large wallets, with everything in it, including the kitchen sink. I don't carry change (coins) with me if I can help it, so a small change pocket on a pair of jeans for me is useless. The bigger front pockets on most jeans are also too large for my type of wallet, and the change pocket, again, too small.

So far only one manufacturer has really answered the question of front pockets and front pocket wallets for me, and that is Puma/Evisu. The two pairs of jeans I have is a collaboration between Puma and Evisu. The larger front change pocket, which opens and closes with a clip comes in really, really handy.

The first pair is, what they called, "worn in" and my second pair is "stiff", or unwashed. Both now have marks on the front from my wallet, and that is the first mark I'll be expecting to show on my pair of Dr.Denim's. Even though I don't like wearing the wallet in such a big front pocket, I'm doing it any way, so the marks will show sooner or later.

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