Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 30 | The first month

So here I am. One month into the six month testing of my new Dr.Denim Harris Blue Black Raw jeans, and one thing's for sure. They're getting more and more comfortable with every day that passes.

Just to set out again what it is that I am doing. According to the experts, who know a lot about denim, you should not wash your new "raw" jeans, for at least, the first six months. You should wear them "in" first, then when they are nice and stretched in all the right places, you should wash them for the first time, so that when they shrink with that first wash, they'll fit perfectly. They should shrink 2cm, or 2-5% with the first wash.

With that in mind, I bought a new pair of jeans from Dr.Denim Jeansmakers. A pair of Harris Blue Black Raw, and will wear them for six months, every day, and only wash them for the first time around the 2nd or 3rd of March 2009. So far it's going great, and the last 30 days has been very informative, as I found out about my new jeans, in ways I would never have, without this blog. But for now, I'm only one month in, and still have five to go, with a very cold Swedish winter in the middle.

Only time will tell how it'll all end. As I've said before, you're welcome to leave a comment and I would appreciate any advice or tips if you care to share them.

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