Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 53 | The first winter storm

If this is the sign of things to come, it's going to be a nightmare trying trying to keep these jeans dry, during the next 128 days, in anticipation for its first wash. We're having the mother of all storms here at the moment.

The day started off with Canadian pancakes, at 10h30, then at 11h30 the turkey went into the oven, to start our day of cooking a Thanksgiving dinner together with friends, at their place. I know it's not Thanksgiving day, but it was the only weekend we all had open to have the feast. Everything was done and prepared at 17h00, when the rest of the guests arrived. By 21h00, we were on our way again, to go and watch a friend and his band play at a club close by, called Kontiki. The band is called "The Flamingo Stingers". They have some music available on MySpace to listen to. They were really good. However, by this time, the mother of all storms have started pouring buckets of rain into the streets.

After the band was done, I went out with my "little sister" and her friends to another place down town, in the pouring rain, and only came home at around 04h00, hence the late posting today, and the wet jeans. The fortunate thing is that we're setting our clocks back one hour tonight, so we all get one hour extra sleep, and the jeans have an extra hour to get dry. What a fantastic day.

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