Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 50 | Storing your jeans

I've made it to day 50 so far, just another 131 to go.

Here's a couple of statements about how different people store their jeans. Personally I like the final one, but for now I just fold mine over my door, and open them up a bit, so they can "breathe" and "dry out" overnight, because I am only wearing this one pair at the moment, where I usually alternate between four or five pairs.

"How do you store your jeans? Just fold them up? Leave it just lying on your floor? Hang them?"

"All of the above. If I am tired I just take them off and throw them on the floor. If I am not going to wear them for a few days I hang them, or usually I just fold them after I take them off for the day."

"I never hang them. I just throw them on a chair."

"I fold, but am thinking of a system where I can hang them by their belt loops so the creases stay in."

"I hang mine with clip hangers at the waist so they stay pretty much in the same shape as when they're on my body. The "denim" section of my closet has this crazy "funk" to it with all these unwashed jeans hanging next to each other."

"Hang over a valet, or fold if storing for longer than overnight. As long as you don't smooth them out, folding doesn't diminish creasing."

"I wedge a hanger at the waist and hang them up on my door."

"I fold them then hang them on the doorknobs, I never leave them on the floor because mine's not carpeted."

"If they're "project jeans", the only way to not get weird creases is to use waist clip hangers and clip them up by the waist band, otherwise if they're not raw fold them once and throw them somewhere."

"I would also warn against folding them. I had pairs that I thought 'lightly' folding them would not ruin the creases or start new ones, but it did. At most I am rotating between 3 at a time, (usually alternating 2) so I just sling them over the back of my chair and arm rests."

"I only hang them with those clip hangers and just clip the waistband."

"I definitely wouldn't do the same people do with say dress pants for example, like the fold in half through the middle. That cuts right through your honeycombs. Personally I lie mine out on my bedroom floor."

"I've sewn in a little ribbon into the back of my jeans and hang them on hooks on my wall. Some jeans already have one; my 5eps not, so I added one."

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