Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 37 | A visit to Dr.Denim

I've been asked before, why I started this blog. The answer is simply, because I thought it would be a good idea to test a product in this way. Plus I like writing, and I especially like learning about things, that I don't know anything about, like denim.

I am not paid by Dr.Denim to write about them, although the thought of doing this as a paid job, has crossed my mind. I paid for these jeans, because I thought it was a really good price, for a really good pair of jeans.

And so it was with writing this blog everyday, that I received an email from Alexander, one of the brothers who run Dr.Denim, inviting me over to their "new" offices here in Gothenburg, to meet them and to see what it is that they do. It was a really good meeting the people who actually designed my jeans. I'll, hopefully, be over there again in a couple of days, to shoot some photos, which I'll publish here for you to see. It was great that I got invited, and really great that they show a real interest in the people who love their products.

It was an inspiration meeting people, who really love what they're doing.

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