Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 56 | The unknown label

Having changed back to normal time, away from daylight savings time last Saturday, sunset is now at 5pm. And it's not even winter yet. Sometimes I really do miss the sun back home in South Africa, but then again I would miss all the snow and snowboarding in Sweden this time of the year. The walks through the forests when it so quiet. Cross country skiing with a backpack filled with hot chocolate and something to eat. I actually can't wait.

But back to the jeans. I've spoken about the label to the left before, on day 24. It just says "Lot No R-18". Recently though, I sent an email to Alexander at Dr.Denim, to ask him to clarify what it means. Here's his response, "The lot number is simply an internal reference number which the factory uses to trace every production run. That way, if there's a problem with a garment, we can trace it back to production date, production line etc, so we can find the root of the problem and hopefully eliminate it."

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