Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 29 | More creases in the denim

As I said I would on Day 27 about the progress of my Dr.Denim Harris Blue Black Raw jeans so far, here are more photos.

The creases below the front pockets look very permanent already. Must be from sitting in front of my laptop all day. No colour change as yet, or maybe just a little, but I didn't expect much after only 29 days. The denim is much softer now and is still really nice on, and the feel is great.

We had some rain today, but fortunately got nothing on me. The weather forecast have predicted the first snow up north in Sweden, and it made me think of how the denim will handle lots of snow, all the wetness, and the cold. We'll see in two months time, when we expect our first snow here in Gothenburg.

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