Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 12 | Cowboys

According to Dr.Denim Jeansmakers, it used to be that the responsibility for fit lay more with the user than with the manufacturer. Cowboys had an effective, if a bit tricky, way of giving their jeans the right touch. They simply jumped in the lake wearing their jeans and let them dry on their bodies. The shrinkage meant the trousers fit as if they'd been painted on. History recommends that you bathe in your jeans as soon as you've bought them, but nowadays you don't need to get wet to get a great fit.

So with that, and the latest trends of not getting your new jeans close to detergents or washing machines for the first six months, I see the knees on my new jeans getting baggier and baggier every day as they stretch with my daily movements. The area just underneath the pockets, already have semi-permanent folds from sitting.

I have not seen any major colour changes yet, except for on my white shoes, which now have blue marks on them from the denim and the rain last week.

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