Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 8 | Birthday girl

The day started off really well. Made breakfast in bed for my girlfriend, who's birthday it was, then headed into town to the computer store to sort the memory issue out. Was on the phone to Dell first for 30 mins to find out what they say about it. On the way back it started to rain again, which was fun. So 4 out of 8 days with rains on the denim I am trying not to wash for 6 months. I wonder if it's possible?

Here's a photo of how I hang my jeans up at night. Folded over one of my cupboard doors and opened up sort of to "breathe". Look at the folds that have already been created behind the knees. The other image is of the label on the back of the jeans. Nice and simple.

Looks like I'll be making a trip to Stockholm tomorrow for an interview with a company called Antrop. They need a senior Art Director with web experience. Sounds interesting. So the first long trip with my new jeans. Now I'm looking for cheap tickets on the train to Stockholm on

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