Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 3 | A walk in town

Today was a very relaxed Friday. Started with a walk through town, to have some coffee and read my Monocle.

This edition has a really interesting article on a bakery called Andersen. It was started in Japan, by a Japanese guy, who was very inspired by how Denmark rebuilt itself after it lost the war with Germany. During a visit to Denmark he fell in love with their breads and the way they baked them that he opened his own bakery in Hiroshima, Japan. This year he decided to open a store in Denmark. According to reports, this "Japanese" store, called Andersen, bakes the Danish breads better than the Danes can.

On that note, back to the jeans. They're still by far the most comfortable pair I've ever owned, and holding up very well. The photos I've added today are some detail shots of the jeans.

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