Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 6 | And yet more rain

Went out for my usual coffee in town. Just to get out the house and away from my computer for a bit. After a nice walk in the sun, I decided it was time to return home for some spring cleaning. Vacuum all the rooms, dust everywhere and mop the floors.

Rolled the jeans high up, just to prevent the floor mopping detergent of getting in contact. We don't want that, before six months, now do we? After the cleaning, it was time for some grocery shopping close to where we live. The weather was getting darker outside again, which was really unpleasant, because the day started out so sunny and nice. Just as I finished the shopping it started to rain. Now I'm walking home in the rain, with a huge shopping bag in each hand. No umbrella, and no mercy from the rain gods.

I really am trying to not wash these jeans for six months, but at the rate it's going now, it seems impossible to keep them dry.

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