Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 22 | Washing instruction

Here's a photo of the inside labels. It basically gives the washing instructions, which reads, "Wash these jeans inside out at a low temperature, and make sure you use a washing powder that does not contain any bleach. Wash separately and do not tumble dry. These jeans may dry bleed in the beginning and will fade over time. They may shrink 1-5%. 100% Cotton."

It ends off with the five washing care signs, which I do not think a lot of people, including me, know, so I went to go and find out. Here's a very handy website I found:

Sign number one is the picture of the iron with the two dots in, which means to iron with a warm iron. The iron may either have one dot (cool), two dots (warm) or three dots (hot) in it.

Sign number two is the circle with the letter P in it. And I quote, "Must be professionally dry cleaned. The letters contained within the circle and/or a bar beneath the circle will indicate the solvent and the process to be used by the dry cleaner."

Number three is the triangle with the cross through it. Here too, there are three different triangles. The one we have though means "Do not bleach".

Sign four is the washing bucket with 40° written in it. Easy to understand, but Dr.Denim actually recommends washing your jeans in 30°. And we're talking about degrees Celsius in this instance.

And number five is a circle within a square with a cross through the middle. Do not tumble dry.

There you have it. A guide on how to take care of your jeans, by Dr.Denim. After all, according to them "A good pair of jeans is like a member of the family".


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