Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 20 | Price tags

The question is always how much are you willing to pay for your jeans. I mean, they can range from really expensive top of the line fashion labels to a regular pair from H&M. I'm not one for paying too much, but do want quality denim.

That's why I'm glad I stumbled across Dr.Denim on my trip into Red Devil. The pair on trial here was priced at 499kr (Swedish Kronor) the equivalent currency of $77 / €52 / £42. Really not that expensive for the quality of denim, which looks like they'll really last a long time. I always try and find a style and cut that suits me, and a denim that feels really good on. To do that you need to shop around a bit, and not just go to the top end stores, thinking you'll end up with the best buy.

Today's jeans effect from Dr.Denim is the Snuff effect. Cause: Nicotine addiction in particular and bad health in general. Result: Circular wear on left or right back pocket.

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  1. i had to stop by just to say i think your blog is really interesting! greetings from brazil :)