Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 1 | The purchase

Today I went down to Red Devil, one of my favourite clothing stores in Gothenburg. I wasn't really planning on buying anything, but if I was, it was going to be a new pair of jeans. My usual size is 34L 32W, and so I tried on my first pair from a then, unknown company to me, called Dr.DenimJeansmakers. The quality felt real good, and the pair I tried on was called Harris Blue Black Raw. By raw they mean unwashed and very dark.

The jeans fitted real well, and when I spoke to the shop assistant he said I can expect shrinkage in the range of 2cm, when I wash them the first time. The other thing which was really appealing to me was the fact that they were priced at 499kr. Not too bad, for a good pair of jeans, in Sweden, where you can pay up to 2500kr for a pair easily, if not higher.

After paying, I went back to the change rooms and slipped into my new pair of jeans. I dumped my old pair of H&M jeans in the bag and headed out for my first trip into town, with the new jeans. Later that night when I returned from watching The Dark Knight, with my little sister, I decided to find out more about this company called Dr.Denim. I went online to check out their website.

In a nutshell, they're a family owned business from Gothenburg, with a passion for making jeans. Each button on my pair has an engraving which reads "A good pair of jeans is like a member of the family". I then read on their "About us" page on page 60 of the book, that "Whether the jeans are washed or unwashed, they should preferably not meet detergents and washing machines, at least not for the first six months". That's why i decided to start this experiment, and blog, to keep track of my new jeans and their life, over the next six months.

The test: Wear the same pair of jeans for 6 months, everyday, before washing them for the first time.

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