Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 26 | Denim styles and washes

I don't know what you think, but jeans styles have really changed a lot over the years. I have styles in my closet, that I won't dare take out now, because they're so far behind in the fashion trend. But give it a couple of years, and the cycle and "style" would be back, with minor changes of course. I just hope I haven't picked up too much weight to wear them then.

I am originally from South Africa, and where world fashion is concerned, they're about 10 - 15 years behind. Sweden on the other hand is closer to the cutting edge. When things go out of fashion here in Sweden, it's still OK to where them when I go visit back home. You see a lot of skinny and slim jeans on the streets here in Sweden, where boot-cut or flairs are still all the rage in South Africa. Boot-cuts are coming back now though, with what I can see as a much higher waste like we had in the late 80's. Not quite my thing yet, but then again I don't consider myself someone who is at the cutting edge of fashion, I'm a little closer to the edge of comfortable. We have two more washes from Dr.Denim for today.

Heavy Stone Wash - "The jeans are washed with Pumice for anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. This removes a lot of dye and makes the jeans look used. The amount of dye left depends on the washing time."

Bleach Wash - "A chemical is added to the wash to bleach the denim. Liquid (hydrochloride soda) and solid (calcium hypochlorite) bleaches may be used. This process softens the fabric's appearance and makes the jeans look used."

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