Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 16 | Tags

I love clothing tags or swing tags as they are more commonly known. All clothing have them attached when you make a purchase. As a designer myself, I always like to see how other designers solve the problem of having to design another swing tag that looks different from the rest and stands out in a crowd.

Dr.Denim have really simple, but striking, and very effective tags, that are mostly black with white writing. It has a lot of writing on one side in white on black. The one tag that I show on the left is the size tag. It's helpful with the big letters when you're going through a pile of jeans to find your size. My size is 32 waste, with a 34 leg.

I have also added a swing tag from Puma. It shows an interesting statistic, which says that only 4% of people regularly read these things. 96% of people do something more important. I'm not sure if the 4% is true or not, but it surely begs for an interesting question. When last have you read the tags on your clothing? And if your answer is like mine, not often, then why do companies spend so much money, designing them?

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