Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 7 | Button holes

I've been having a look at the button holes, or more accurately, the stitching around the holes. If I have to guess, that's where the jeans will wear the most or come undone first. That's just a guess. But have a look at the photos. What do you think? It's only been 7 days

Other than that, it was just another day. Went down to my local computer hardware store to buy more memory for my laptop. I have a Dell Latitude D630. I currently have 2 x 1GB memory cards in, and have ordered 2 x 2GB cards, for a total of 4GB. Only later when I installed them did I find out they ordered the wrong ones. Now I got to go back there tomorrow and sort it out. Let's just hope it doesn't rain again.

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