Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 11 | Mushrooms

After sleeping a little late today, we went for a walk in the Botanical gardens in Gothenburg. This time of the year, it usually means take your old jeans and old shoes, because it's mushroom picking time, and you're going to get dirty. I would've, except that I'm busy testing these jeans. So I aimed to be careful. I still took the old shoes though.

I folded the jeans a little higher to prevent the ground from dirtying the bottom, and didn't purposefully go through the mud. I nearly did fall into it, but was saved at the last second, by my cat like reflexes, or so I think. The mushrooms everyone aims to pick are called Chanterelle. A yellow variety that's real good when it's fried in a pan. At the end of the day the jeans came out unscathed, except for the soil and grass, that was caught in the fold-up.

At night we went to a Crayfish festival with friends of the family. Really nice and lots to eat. Here I was worried that I would mess crayfish juice mixed with sea water onto the jeans and would have to burn them to get rid of the smell. Then start this experiment all over again. Luckily nothing happened, and we got home without an incident.

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