Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 17 | More button holes

I've taken 5 of the jeans that I own, with different styles, cuts and denim, to show how different companies stitch button holes.

A - This it Dr.DenimJeans. The denim is raw and the cut is between slim and straight. The button stitch looks very roughly done, and as I've mentioned before, it looks like the first place that will show wear. Also yellow thread shows the wear easier on the darker denim.

B - H&M Sliq. A cut that suits me very well, because I am 1,92cm tall. The denim feels raw, but it looks like it's been treated and coloured again after it's been washed. The button hole stitch is done with very thin cotton thread, unlike the others, but looks very neat.

C - Puma/Evisu Worn In. These have been my favourite pair of jeans for the last 3 years. I also own the same style but in unwashed/stif denim. The cut is straight and is by far the most comfortable jeans I've owned. The button stitch still looks new, after 3 years of regular wear and was done with a lighter blue thread.

D - H&M Sliq. Another pair, but with a different denim. Looks a bit raw, but has been washed and is a good, every now and then, pair of jeans. The button hole is very neat and tidy and done with yellow thread.

E - TBY (To be young). A pair of flair jeans I have, that have been treated and washed. A really comfortable pair, but flair seems to only now make a comeback here in Sweden, where "skinny" and "slim" are still very much the dominant style. The button hole is very hard to see, so if it starts to wear, it will be very hard to tell.

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