Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 25 | Denim and washes

I don't know why I decided to start my day with a run, but I did. It's this training program I'm on that said 6 kilometres today. I must admit that I did feel better afterwards, knowing I did some training today, but running itself, as a sport, is just plain silly. Fortunately and my iPod have made it easier for me to track my progress and listen to music on the way. Otherwise the fastest I would go is a brisk walk.

Today I wanted to have a look at different denim washes. I mean you know how many pairs you have in your closet, and none of them are same right? Some have marks on the knees, some on the bum, some on the shins, and so on. None made by yourself. Well maybe if you've had them for a while have you added you share of the marks. I have really started enjoying the raw aspect of my jeans. Every mark on them is from me and they won't ever look like anyone else's. They will just keep on changing as I wear them. Below are two of the washes from Dr.Denim.

Rinse Wash - "Gentle water wash that shrinks the fabric and removes excess dye".

Stone wash - "The jeans are washed along with pumice or ceramic objects. The stones mainly wear along seams and edges. The effect on the fabric will vary depending on the length of the wash".

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