Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 157 | The inner seams (4th comparison)

On day 123, when I compared the inner seams the last time, I said that I fold my hems up nowadays. Well nowadays I wear a belt all the time, so they don't hang so low any more, and there's no need to fold the hems up.

There's a huge difference in the folds and creases on these photos. The photos are from Month two, three, four and today, month five. Not so much colouration, but a lot of wear on the actual seams. The bottom photograph is also the inner seam, but a bit higher up at the knee. Lots of creases on the back of the knee and lots of stretching on the front of the knee. Then also some colouration, and it looks like the back creases will never come out. I'll be very interested what this part looks like after the first wash. Tomorrow I'll compare the front pockets.

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