Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 155 | Happy birthday boy

Yep, you guessed it. Today is my birthday. I realised today, that how old or young you feel, depends on who you speak to. I turned 35 today, and life is more exciting now, than ever before.

Swedes have a tradition of breakfast in bed on your birthday, so with that I was woken up this morning. I love the tradition, but would move the breakfast to, whenever the birthday person wakes up, not when you wake the person up. I have a tradition of taking off from work on my birthday, but I'm busy with really exciting work at the moment, that I just couldn't stay away.

I was so spoiled at work today too, with lunch at an Italian restaurant and an afternoon coffee break with cream cake and berries. The night was ended off at a favourite bar/restaurant as a surprise, with friends and family coming and going all the time. A really excellent birthday. With that, I'm going to hang up my jeans and get in bed. Tomorrow I'll start the next instalment of my comparisons.


  1. OK, I stumbled on your blog, and I have read your post. Now I would like to get a pair of Dr. Denim jeans, or least try some on to see if they fit. Your pics make the jeans look awesome! I am in Los Angles, so now I am on the hunt for them. Thanks for the blog. Happy Birthday

  2. Dr.Denim is not in the US yet. The closest is going to be a store in Canada. You could try online, but then you haven't tried them on, and that's a pain.

  3. Happy Birthday mate! hope you had a good one.