Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 124 | The front pockets (3rd comparison)

Today I'm comparing the front pockets. This is probably the area that the most wear is visible. The pictures on the left in both sets of comparison photographs are from day 14, the pictures that are second are from day 59, third are from day 92 and fourth is from today, day 124.

There's such a huge difference from each other, especially day 14 vs day 124. In the beginning the denim was all smooth or uncreased, yet very raw. Now it's more creased, yet smoother, in a more shiny way. My front wallet mark on the front right pocket is also much more visible than before. It reminds me of what I wrote on day 107 about being obsessed with denim, "When you're seriously considering buying a new cell phone, just because you don't like the shape of the pocket fade your current phone creates."

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