Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 166 | We are animals

Here we go with some more adverts that are more than just a model sprawling around on the floor. Now the model is in the water, but the message is a little stronger. There's also no need to see the model's face, because she's not the one selling the jeans, the tag line "We are animals" is trying to do that. I must admit this Wrangler advert is not their best effort, but I sort of get it.

The Wrangler tag line leads nicely in to another thing that's very close to my heart, and which I haven't covered yet in the last 166 days. That is eco-denim or denim that is environmentally friendly. I know in the bigger scheme of things that there's a million ways to measure if a product is really environmentally friendly or not, but most people would agree, that we need to start somewhere.

This advert for Levis is a bit thin on delivering a strong message, but on some higher plane I get where they're trying to go, by saying they've now starting to think about the environment and how their products and the production of their products impacts the environment. They however don't say if it's all their products or just one range that now is 100% organic cotton.

I read something about denim production and the environment a couple of months ago. I think I need to dig it out and see if there's anything interesting to write about in it, because I believe customers are becoming more and more aware and sensitive to things like the environment.

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