Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 177 | Denim weights

I always knew there was different weights to denim, as so with all material, but I never really knew how it was measured. Today I found out how to determine the weight.

Fabric is measured in yards, so the weight refers to how much a yard of fabric weighs. So in simple terms, a yard of 10 ounce denim weighs 10 ounces, as does a yard of 14 ounce denim weight 14 ounces. One yard is equal to 914,4 centimetres and one ounce is 28,34 grams.

The heavier the denim, the less likely it is to bend, as with 20 oz denim for instance. Skirts, shirts and dresses are usually made out of 5 oz denim, because of the weight, it is lighter, softer and it drapes well. Denim jeans have traditionally been made from 12 to 14 oz denim, because it is a little heavier and more hard wearing.


  1. Hi! Me again! (I asked you about whether my jeans would shrink the last time if u remembered) Thanks for the advice and thanks for replying. I wished the jeans was too small for me.

    Unfortunately my jeans isn't too small for me. Its a little too big for me. =( My waist is around 29 or 30 and i bought a s30. I wanted a skinny fit and it end up more like a slim fit. So i was hoping it would shrink to a skinny fit. Haha. By the way, the model of my Dr Denim jeans is Mauser.

    So what should i do? Continue wearing it for the next 6 months and alter it?

    Speaking of altering jeans, have you altered any of your jeans? Cause I think after altering it,it will not have the original look especially at the ends of the jeans where they just cut, fold up and sew it.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my comment and helping me. I suck at buying jeans. haha. Its always either too big or too small for me.

  2. I was told to buy the jeans to fit correctly from day one, then you wear them in, and then wash them. When they shrink, they shrink back to the original size, but fit better and is softer.

    And we're talking about raw denim here.

  3. Yup my Dr Denim Mauser is Raw.