Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 168 | Back to Dr.Denim

Yesterday I got the chance again to go visit the guys at Dr.Denim Jeansmakers. or Alexander Graah in particular. I also got to meet his father, Morten, the original founder of the company, which was nice. You can read a lot on the history of Dr.Denim on their website under "About us".

According to Alexander they've been doing quite well as a business, most probably because of their competitive pricing structure. I mean 500-600kr a pair of raw denim jeans vs. 1000-2000kr for any pair of Nudie jeans.

We discussed this pair that I had on, and he wanted to know when it'll all end. The final date when I will wash these has been set at Wednesday the 4th of March. One tip I got from Alexander was that after the wash, you need to stretch the seams out a bit. Grab the bottom of the hems and the crotch area and slowly stretch the seams bit. Each on in turn. Apparently they tend to pull together a bit because of all the shrinkage in the raw denim. Looking forward to that day actually. Been thinking of maybe putting a video together. But we'll see.

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