Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 161 | Denim advertising

I wrote about a fantastic denim advertising campaign by Quicksilver on day 152, where they don't actually show the jeans in the adverts, but still somehow know what they look like. Denim advertising has changed a lot over the years, but somehow lately they seem to be stuck on the same themes. Either a skinny model with too much make up, sprawling around on the floor in a pair of jeans or it's 3D graphics. Both have become so cliché, when the graphics or model alone has to carry the weight of the advertising message.

That's why I love the Quicksilver adverts. They're fresh, they don't show the product, yet the message is still very clear. I have some problems with the Levis advert too the left. Apparently they now use copper in the jeans... yawn, yawn. The message is weak, and as for the location, surely the top of a building should've been the last option?

The Diesel Advert is not much better, but at least it has an element of fun to its advertising message. The woman's wearing denim with pin stripes, which points to the fact that she might be in charge, yet hates shoes and men at the same time.

Perhaps I shouldn't be too critical of the advertisements if I look back at where we came from with the Jordache advert. I'm sure you've always wanted "the Jordache look".

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