Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 165 | Abigail

The path we've chosen in life has such a lot of suprises for us along the way. Take these jeans for instance. I don't know what stain will come tomorrow, or what will happen with it's first wash. All I do is take a day at a time and deal with what I've been given.

I've chosen to live my life in Sweden, because the love of my life is Swedish. With that choice though, comes the fact that I can't see both my brothers's children grow up and will always be referred to as the uncle from Sweden. They won't recognise me when I come visit, till they're much older. It's that part of the choice I've made that is difficult to live with. The photo is of Abigail, my youngest brother's first child, who is 7 months old now and whom I've never met.

I read a blog post earlier today and the guy was talking about work and that the most important thing is always your family. Sometimes it's difficult to see what's coming down the road, but it's important to decide what you really want out of life. Life is very short and there's so much you will miss if you don't sit down and think for a while about what is important to you in this life.

Apologies if today's post is a little philosophical.

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