Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 152 | Quicksilver Deep Blue denim

It only struck me today that I haven't looked at any denim advertising since I started writing this blog. It's such a tough market with thousands of brands, and advertising plays a very important role. How do you get someone to buy your product?

With that, I stumbled upon these adverts from Quicksilver, advertising their Deep Blue Denim range. It's not often that you have a company advertising a product, and not show it in the actual advertisement. Here you have those fish that swim in the deepest darkest parts of the ocean, and they're made of denim. It brings the point across very well. Deep... blue... denim.

They do get to show the actual product, but in very subtle ways. Advert number one shows what the button looks like, as well as the back pocket detailing, along with the colour and texture of the denim. Advert number two shows the zipper in good detail, as well as another button, but then the best thing of all is that it shows the inside of the denim, with the style of seam. Advert number three shows the denim texture very well and the detailing with the "rip" and the detailing with the Quicksilver logo.

All in all a really well executed advertising campaign, which is a big break from your usual skinny model with too much make-up prancing around in a pair of over-priced jeans. Well done.

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