Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 160 | The button holes (4th comparison)

Today is the last day of the 4th comparison series. Today I compare the button holes and the front of the fly. Now for the first time can I see that there's been some wear on these jeans. The photos are in order, taken at the beginning of each month, from one to five.

As always I will attempt my maths sum to see how many times I have opened and closed the buttons over the last 160 days. Opening and closing the buttons whilst getting dressed and undressed, at least twice a day, so that is three hundred and twenty times. Let's average going to the toilet during that time to twice a day, which is open and closed four times a day times hundred and sixty days, gives us six hundred and forty times. Add all of that up, and I have opened and closed the buttons on these jeans about nine hundred and sixty times during the last hundred and sixty days. I always thought there would be more wear on the button holes, but just goes to show how well they're made these days.

I think I'll go back to looking for some good denim adverts tomorrow.

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