Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 151 | Wine tasting

Today was a non-starter, just doing some laundry and cleaning the apartment. I put the finishing touches on my second wine tasting, which is happening tonight. I really hope I don't spill any wine on my jeans.

The wine tasting is a blind tasting, and each of the 8 people provide me with one bottle of their choice, red or white. They gave me their selection of wine last week, which gave me enough time to cover the labels up and read up a bit on each wine. We're also having some homebaked bread, which came out the oven a few mintues ago and smells real good. There's also excellent cheese to go with the bread. This gives your taste buds a break in between all the wine.

You can see some of the baked bread here, and read about the first wine tasting on my other blog, "Some more wine please". Now I have to await the guests. Cheers.

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