Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 136 | But is it art?

I've been going through some of the photos I've taken of the same pair of jeans over the past 136 days, and realised that not one of them is the same. Not even if it's of the same pocket, can they ever be the same, because the jeans will be older in one, more faded in another and brand new in yet another. So far I've taken around 450 photographs.

It's with that, that I found the two images to the left and wondered by myself; Could this be considered art? For one, you know it's a pair of jeans, but they're not depicted as they usually are. They appear more arty. More "posed" if you will.

I remember drawing class when I was in art school, and we often ended up drawing clothing that was thrown down in a similar way, to form a still life, which we then had to draw. As you can imagine, we all thought we're drawing a pile of washing on the ground. That's until our art teacher, a certain Mr.Melville taught us how to really "look" at what it was that we were drawing. That's when we started seeing more than just a pile of clothing or washing. We started noticing weird forms, textures, lines, circles, angles and other shapes.

With that, have a look at this website I found. Another view on denim as art.

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