Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 148 | Not all denims are equal

Following up on yesterday's interview on, I found this answer particularly interesting, just because the jeans I'm wearing and testing at the moment is raw denim.

What about the raw denim trend that’s in style right now? Is there a difference in quality between these jeans that you’re not supposed to wash for months and washed denim?

"Denim is denim; not all denims are equal, but no matter what pair of jeans you have at some point or another it started off as raw denim. So, with raw denim, what you’re really doing is eliminating the washing, which should decrease the price of the denim as a general rule."

"But with regards to your question, right now the raw denim is just a trend; it’s like anything else. The market is so inundated with denim from European brands, American brands and Canadian brands that one company from another needs to try to differentiate itself by trying new things or starting a new trend. Everything in fashion is very cyclical. We had a raw denim craze about five or six years ago, then it faded out a little bit, then it came into washed denim, dirty denim, ripped denim embellished denim, and now it’s coming back to the traditional raw denim feel. I just hope acid-wash denim never comes back!"

Does raw denim really allow you to personalize your jeans the way it’s marketed?

"Yes and no. It’s a very short-lived thing. If you take a pair of raw denim and you wear them, they’ll conform to your body and your movements, so you’ll get certain stretched pressure points in your knees and your thighs and bum, but the minute you wash them you will lose most of that personal effect and you’ll have to start [reforming them] all over again. But technically, if you wore the jeans and left the denim and you never washed it -- which would be kind of gross -- they would eventually fade out and they would be totally customized to your body."

It's this last answer that has me considering lengthening my test from 6 months to a full year. Just because I might lose too much in the wash after 6 months, than I might in a year. We'll see.

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