Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 141 | 6 months to a year

Now that I've reached 141 days, or 20 weeks, I've started contemplating if i shouldn't perhaps extend the test from 6 months to a year. I've been reading some other blogs too, where the writers have worn their jeans for a full year without washing. A big difference for me is that I haven't found anyone else who has worn their jeans every day. Most changed denim every day, and wore between 3 and 4 different pairs in that time.

So all in all, 6 months of daily wear seems to beat 1 year of periodic wear. Or does it? Does the denim change more the other way around? Does the cotton change somehow more in a year? If I carry on with the test after March the 3rd, when I was suppose to wash them the first time, I will still aim to wear them every day. That would be something. Wearing the same pair of jeans for a year without washing. So far they don't smell at all, because I'm very careful to ensure they dry out properly every night. I might however cut down on blogging every day to once a week. Any suggestions?

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