Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 94 | The button holes (2nd comparison)

Today I compare the button holes. The photograph to the left has 3 pictures in it. The picture on the left is from day 17 the middle picture is from day 61 and the right hand picture is from today. Not so much difference on the inside, other than the denim seems more folded and creased, as if they've finally found their own shape.

The bottom photograph is from today. Lots of light blue marks from the wear. I've been wearing them every day for the past ninety four days, so it means that I did the buttons up and down at least twice a day, so that is one hundred and eighty eight times. Let's average going to the toilet during that time to twice a day, which is open and closed four times a day times ninety four days, gives us three hundred and seventy six times. Add all of that up, and I have opened and closed the buttons on these jeans about five hundred and sixty four times during the last ninety four days. I thought they would have been much more worn by now through all that chafing.

I also did some comparison photographs of other jeans brands and their button holes on day 17, just to show the different styles and so on. But this was the last part of my 2nd comparison. I'll do the 3rd comparison right after new years day.

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