Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 118 | Skiing in jeans

I've just come back from a week in the mountains about halfway up north in Sweden. We've had lots of snow up there, but down south, here in Gothenburg we've only had snow for one week in November, and since then nothing. It's been around the zero degree range all the time. Last night however it dipped below that and we woke up to frost. It was white everywhere. Really beautiful, but also exceptionally cold.

It doesn't really help just wearing your jeans outside. The cold goes right through them. So I've been wearing my thermal underwear too. It helps a lot. It was strange however, seeing a guy skiing in his jeans. He must have been freezing. I know I was, and I had on proper clothing in various layers. Apparently it was all the rage here in the 80's, to see people on the slopes in jeans.

I've been doing some searches on other Swedish jeans brands, and stumbled across this article about the Swedish brand Cheap Monday, where they discuss the logo. Very interesting.

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