Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 61 | The button holes (1st comparison)

I've said a couple of times on this blog, that I expected the buttonholes to wear the fastest, and the most, of any other part of the jeans. So far I've been wrong, see day 60.

In the beginning they seemed to be wearing out very fast, but then it sort of evened out, and they haven't gone past a certain point for a while now. They were very stiff in the beginning, but soon loosened up, from the every day wear. The buttons now, go in and out much easier than they did on day one.

The left hand side comparison photo is from day 23, and the right hand side photo is from today. I have also done some button hole comparisons with other jeans manufacturers on day 17, but here's what Dr.Denim has to say about button holes.

They call it the "Lucky effect". The cause: Repeatedly undressing in a hurry. The effect: Button hole worn out or button missing.

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