Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 104 | Spin cycle

I've been trying to find some answers about drying my jeans after a wash. There's a lot of opinions out there. One thing almost everyone agrees on, is tumble dryers are a big no-no. Most agree with washing them, then hanging them out in the sun to dry.

I've been following a thread on about whether or not you should use the spin cycle after the wash to help with the drying process. Here's some advice from denimdestroyedmylife: "I'd go for a warm or hot wash even, but I wouldn't spin cycle. If you must, neatly fold them in half lengthwise, carefully line them along the inside of the washing machine for the spin cycle so that they don't get weird creasing and inside out, of course!"

Here's Swych's comments on spinning them in the washing machine: "I spun my Samurai s500wx just to get the water off (no heat) and regretted it. After 10 mins, I checked on my baby and found a murder scene in the machine. It was blue everywhere. Don't do it."

So as you can see, I think it depends on how new your jeans are and when you decide to use the spin cycle. If they're new, you might lose a lot of indigo in the process, more than you'd like to. If, however they've been washed a couple of times, and most of the excess indigo is already gone, then follow denimdestroyedmylife's advice. And as always, good luck.

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