Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 114 | Christmas day

First of all, Merry Christmas. Hope the day's been fantastic. I spent it snowboarding with my extended family, in the sun. It's been absolutely fantastic. Tonight the other part of the family comes over to us for a turkey dinner, followed by sled racing with the kids.

The photo you can see is what my jeans look like right now, after helping my father in law get their car out of the snow. It was stuck, so I went to fetch some sand to throw behind the wheels, to help with the grip on the snow and ice. This proved to be a good idea, cause we got the car out, but a bad end result for my jeans. They got caught in the spray of the spinning wheel, and ended up covered in sand, snow and mud.

I'm waiting for it to dry, so that I can assess the damage, then see if I can brush the worst off. Any other ideas as to what to do? Still have 3 months left before I can wash them.

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